Time for a quick demo?

Fast, easy, and simple

Plug in a matrix, and you will immediately see a chord diagram of that data. Use the simple point-and-click interface to change colors, labels, and other settings.

Convenient options for changing the plot's look

If you are a perfectionist, there are plenty of tweaks you can make, but the defaults also give you great-looking results with very little work.

Make a colorful masterpiece

With several built-in color schemes, easy color pickers, and a list of HEX codes to copy, paste, and edit, you can style this chart like an artist -- and bring just a bit of joy into the world of data.


Chord diagrams are a great way to show connections, flow, and change.

Get some inspiration and see the variety of cool data visualizations you can create with Chordial.

Chordial example image
This chord diagram shows how many students have each grade in the first semester, to each grade in the second semester. It's a great way to capture the flow, to appreciate the movement of improvement.

Chordial example image
Students of genomics will recognize these four letters as the nucleotides of DNA. Extra points for knowing that A and G mutate more easily into each other because they have a similar molecular shape, just as C and T are more similar to each other.

Chordial example image
Here we see graduates with PhDs in various fields, choosing industry or academia for their next steps in life.

Any matrix can be captured in a chord diagram

Here is a matrix of school fields (rows) versus destination (columns) of either industry or academia. Each cell in the matrix is the intersection of one field with one destination, for instance, 2550 people in the life sciences chose to go into industry.

Chordial example image

Step 1: Add your matrix

Chordial matrix selection

Step 2: Tweak your chord diagram with dozens of styling options

Chordial styling options

And done!

Export as a high-resolution PNG image.

Export as SVG for publication-quality vector art that you can edit in Illustrator or Inkscape.

Chordial styling options
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